"After 6 months on a strict diet because of candida, my husband and I were introduced to Dr. Carrick.

She gave us hope and instilled confidence in us the moment we met with her. After extensive questioning and exams, she studied all the data and came up with a custom-made program for each of us. One size does not fit all!

Dr.Carrick kept us well informed on what she was doing and the progress we were making along the way. She retested the supplements, changed them as needed, and gave us "homework" and a special diet to help continue the healing process. The end result? Only two months later, we both feel normal again! Once again, I can have dark chocolate (with agave, not sugar), and Dr. Carrick is slowly adding more foods back to our diets.

We are still in the process of healing, but the extreme exhaustion and malaise are gone! Yay! And, as an added bonus, although I had previously shrunk from just under 5'2 down to 5'1, I have now gained 1/8" in stature! For a short person who was getting shorter, that is huge!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Carrick! We were shuffling along like a little old couple, and now we're dancing around, enjoying sugar-free dark chocolate, and reaching new heights (literally)!" ~ SM


"Dr. Carrick has been instrumental in the recovery of our son James from autism, and we have been partners in his healing journey ever since his diagnosis at age 3. Under Dr. Carrick’s guidance we have done weekly chiropractic adjustments, muscle testing, laser treatments, A/SERT therapy, homeopathy, along with implementing a strict gluten-free diet (known as the GAPS diet). James is now mainstreamed in his school, completely off his IEP, the best reader in his class, and is “popular” with many friends at school. We couldn’t be happier!"

Angela Taylor

Author, The BrainFood Cookbook - Autism/ADHD Cookbook for the SCD/GAPS diet


"The first place I come for illness, injury or tune-up! Dr. Carrick's integrative approach helps me get underneath the symptoms to root causes of the problem." ~ DS


"Since 2003 I have been under the care of an orthopedic practice for back pain and sciatica. During that time the treatments ranged from physical therapy to steroids to spinal injections. I was ready to take the only option left by the orthopedic surgeons - surgery. So as a last resort, I made an appointment with Dr. Carrick. On my first visit with I was very skeptical, but it wasn't until Dr. Carrick discussed my x-rays with me that I realized that there was indeed another option to surgery.

My orthopedic doctors saw nothing wrong with my x-rays; the fact that my hips were 1.5 inches off and twisted, my right leg (the one with the pain) was shorter, and my vertebrae were twisted and not aligned had nothing to do with my pain to them. Dr. Carrick explained to me how these facts might well be contributing to my problem.

Now after being treated by Dr. Carrick, I am almost completely pain free, walking straight up and feeling great. Though there are things I am still getting used to, her approach just simply works. Chiropractic care from Dr. Carrick is an alternative that works."


"When I first visited Dr. Carrick, I was anxious and in pain almost all the time. Within a very short period of time she was able to help me find not only relief from constant pain, but also from anxiety that I had lived with for most of my life. I visited several chiropractors before finding Dr. Carrick and I was amazed at the time Dr. Carrick spent on me as well as her holistic approach to healing me. She works with the whole body to find long-term relief from pain and emotional scars which has served me in a way I didn't think possible from chiropractic care. She has provided space in my discs and in my emotions to continue growing and finding my place in the world. Thank you very much!!" ~ CS


My struggle with acid reflux/GERD began about 30 years ago and during that time I was treated using prescription acid blockers. This prescription drug treatment covered up my heartburn nicely but came with serious short-term side-effects like lack of minerals and loss of energy and vitality. It was the long-term side-effects like lung damage and osteoporosis that finally made me decide to stop taking these drugs and find a cure rather than a cover-up.

At Carrick Health + Chiropractic I found that cure - through some rather simple changes in nutrition (about seven months now without gluten, dairy and sugar) and the addition of natural supplements (like probiotics and enzymes), no “nutritionally dead” foods wherever possible and, finally the elimination of the stress element at mealtimes, my problem of three decades is gone! I’m in great shape and feel good all around!

Thank you, Dr. Carrick!

~ R. Passley


I have been under Dr. Carrick's care for several years and I have had extreme success. At an eye appointment 2 years ago I was told I had the beginning stages of Macular Degeneration. When I told Dr. Carrick, she prescribed a supplement for me and now, 2 years later at my most recent appointment with the eye doctor, there are no signs of macular degeneration! Thank you Dr. Carrick, you are a Doctor in the true sense of the word! Your love and care for your patients is evident in everything that you do.

~ Donna

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